2018 Sticky sister and 8hrs of whale (in progress), museum of modern art at judson memorial church, new york, ny

2017 Good Mud, danspace project, New york, ny

2016 grab (remount), movement research fall festival at danspace project, new york, ny

2016 gut grounds (in progress), movement research at judson memorial church, new york, ny

2013 Of Sun, Dixon Place (Brink), New York, NY

2013 Plant Crow No No, Arts@Renaissance (Time Share residency by Aunts), New York, NY

2012 Tower of Collar and Sea, Danspace Project (Draftworks) and AUNTS, New York, NY

2012 GRAB, Center for Performance Research (Chez Bushwick Presents), New York, NY

2009 Thawing Tender, Under Minerva Gallery, New York, NY

2009 SWAT, Flux Factory, New York, NY

2008 Wear Your Best Dress and Throw Your Head Back, The Red Barn, Amherst, MA

2007 Los Mangos y La Calle, Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, La Habana, Cuba




2017 skybox by walter dundervill, nyla presents at pioneer works, brooklyn, ny

2017 let it linger by Vicky shick, lumberyard presents at the kitchen, new york, ny

2016 skybox by walter dunderville, live feed at new york live arts, new york, ny

2016 another spell by vicky shick, danspace project, new york, ny

2016 truly spun never by andrea geyer (film installation) parque galeria, mexico city

2015 the goodbye studies by tere o'connor, the kitchen, new york, ny

2015 time tenderness by Andrea geyer, whitney museum of american art, New York, NY

2015 pathétique: miniatures in detail by vicky shick, 92nd street y, new york, ny

2015 for american songbook by steven reker, lincoln center, new york, ny

2015 new phase by jeremy pheiffer, brooklyn arts exchange (upstart festival), new york, NY

2013-2014 Everything You See by Vicky Shick, Danspace Project and The Joyce (Focus Dance), New York, NY and american dance institute, washington, dc

2013 Three Chants Modern by Andrea Geyer, filmed at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

2013 Studies for Disappearance by RoseAnne Spradlin, Movement Research at Judson Church and Brooklyn Arts Exchange, New York, NY

2012 Lateral Splay remount by Carolee Schneeman, Danspace Project, New York, NY 

2012 Yackez Stage Show by Larissa Velez-Jackson, Center for Performance Research and AUNTS, New York, NY

2011 Provocative Sculptures and Feelings by Strauss Bourque, Movement Research at Judson Church, New York, NY

2011 Interlude: The Big A Meets The Big T by Laurie Berg (movement by Lily Gold), Movement Research at Judson Church, New York, NY

2010-2011 There's So Much Mad In Me by Faye Driscoll, New York Live Arts, New York, NY and Ballet Austin, Austin, TX

2010 Hold Everything by Jen Rosenblit, Abrons Art Center (MELT), New York, NY

2010 Casey, Cassidy, Cassandra…Whatever (1st iteration) by Vanessa Anspaugh, Movement Research at Judson Church, New York, NY

2009-2010 We Are Weather by Vanessa Anspaugh, Danspace Project (Food for Thought) and Dance Theater Workshop (Fresh Tracks), New York, NY 

2009 Ever Last and so Badly by Jen Rosenblit, Dance Theater Workshop (Fresh Tracks), New York, NY

2008 Look What You Made Me Do by Strauss Bourque La France, Dixon Place, New York, NY

2007 Wood and Pearl Sequence by Jen Rosenblit, Dixon Place, New York, NY

2006 Unseen Distance by Nia Love, Dance New Amsterdam, New York, NY

2000 Gardenias on the Borderline by Kevin Wynn, John Jay College, New York, NY

2000 Cauldron by Fred Benjamin, John Jay College, New York, NY

1999 Hymn by Judith Jameson, City Center, New York, NY

1998 Ancestral Homage to Alvin Ailey by Reginald Yates, City Center, New York, NY




2018 pop up (sculpture and painting), first street gallery, New york, ny

2016 cirrus and spear (film), berkeley art museum & pacific film archive (SALTA+AUNTS), BERKELEY, CA

2014 fallow (film), issue project room (movement research spring festival), new york, ny

2013 carousel (film), the royal frog ballet's surrealist cabaret, amherst, ma

2011 In Plain Site, ArtBridge, New York, NY

2009 One Tree Only, The Moan and Dove, Amherst, MA and Silhouette: Brooklyn's State of the Art, New York, NY

2008 No Soy Cubana, Fundación Curros Enríquez, Celanova, Spain




2017 Megathrust, sculpture by jarrod beck, performance at wave hill, the bronx, ny

2017 dying cavendish, film by Rachelle MOZMAN SOLANO, latin american roaming art, panamá


residencies awarded



2015-2016 movement research artist in residence (choreography) new york, ny

2013 time share residency by aunts (choreography) new york, ny




BA in Analog Photography and Dance from Hampshire College 2008

Ailvin Ailey American Dance Theater Center 1996-2000